First Tuesdays


This is a program sponsored by the GCAA in an effort to help our seniors to prepare for life after graduation and to build a closer relationship with the Girard Alumni in the hope that it will lead to greater numbers of graduates becoming future members of the GCAA.  This program grew out of the conversation that Dr. Ed Gallagher had with many of our seniors.  It will consist of three sessions held after each Board of Governors meeting in February, March and April.

Session One

Dr. Ed Gallagher will present the first session and will cover many aspects of College life and how to best prepare for the challenges they will face.

Session Two

Assistant Director of the GCAA, Alex Cruz, will present session two in March.  It will consist of much useful information to improve organizational skills and life skills that can be beneficial to students in college and in life.

Session Three

Many of the mistakes students make in college relate to financial matters.  Student loan debt is the second highest source of debt in this country right now.  Credit card mistakes are also very common during the college years and most Americans still don’t understand credit rating scores.


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